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Traffic Accidents: An Undeclared War against Human in Yemen

Dr. Jamila Yaqub

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Traffic accidents constitute an undeclared war. They affect all countries, including developed countries, and cause great human and economic losses to the individual and society alike. In Yemen, traffic accidents have become a war of a different kind, which claim a lot of lives.  Along with other wars, they have become inevitable. The number of those who died on dilapidated roads, on the long roadways of travel or the alleys of the streets, is large. The majority of unfortunate accidents are due to human errors, such as fast and reckless driving.

The number of accidents has increased dramatically in recent years, which has exacerbated the suffering of Yemenis. There are no effective and efficient traffic law enforcement and adequate precautions. In Yemen, anything can be the cause of a traffic accident even if the car is in good condition, and the driver is skilful. There may be various causes of traffic accidents, the most significant of which drivers, roads, vehicles and natural factors.

Stressing the enforcement and activation of the traffic law in general in major cities, provincial capitals, and districts is of high importance. It calls for discipline in order to safeguard lives and reduce the toll of traffic deaths. Although Yemen has the largest number of traffic accidents, its citizens do not take traffic laws very seriously and responsibly.


The unstable conditions also increase the number of accidents and, consequently, the number of the injured and affected. According to accurate official statistics from September to January 2019, the total number of traffic accidents reached more than (7721) and claimed (1047) lives. These numbers are expected to increase as long as there is no systematic deterrence mechanism in activating the traffic law.

For instance, in just one week, (46) people died and (180) others were injured as a result of horrific traffic accidents. A recent statistic issued by the General Directorate of Traffic confirmed that nearly half of these accidents occurred in Amanat al-Asimah (the Capital Municipality) alone- that is by more than (47%) of the total traffic accidents that occurred from 14 to 22 August. Compared to the previous months of the first half of 2020, this percentage is considered the largest.

With the dramatic increase in the motion of motorcycles and their non-compliance with the minimum traffic standards, the problem of traffic accidents keeps getting worse. Thus, the statistic for the year 2021 will be at a higher rate than the previous one. The risks posed by traffic accidents in Yemen vary between run-overs, rollovers, vehicle collisions and others. Dilapidated roads, excessive speed, and the absence of express ambulance centres on long roads are among the main reasons for the increase in the rate of traffic accidents, in addition to non-compliance with traffic rules and neglect of regular vehicle maintenance.

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