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Coexistence is a brave culture

Dr. Taha Farie Ghaleb


British historian/ Arnold Toynbee defined peaceful societal coexistence by saying: (Live and let live), which confirms the fact that peace, in its broad sense, means a distance from selfishness and narcissism, as well as a narrow view of life, and the launch to broad horizons in construction, development, and reconstruction in all matters of life and its fields, and the understanding and acceptance of the other with all its faults and merits.

The world is in dire need to support a culture of societal coexistence among societies, and to give up all manifestations of violence and hatred and the lack of acceptance of others that appear on some sects or groups within society. The culture of peaceful coexistence establishes the values ​​of dialogue and positive interaction between all sectarian or ethnic and national groups and sects. The principle of true coexistence is a dream that some consider as not fulfilled yet, but we hope as conscious elites and love for peace and its values ​​that a day will come when our societies will believe in a culture of peace and community coexistence. We are confident that with sincere determination and solid will, the values ​​of love, cooperation and coexistence will spread among people. The day will come when the culture of violence, terror, and racism abhorrent in some societies will end.

However, the question that poses itself in front of all those interested in a culture of coexistence is how our societies understand the meaning of community coexistence?  As the culture of coexistence needs someone who believes in it, is aware of its importance in his life and deeply realizes that life with all its various ramifications and requirements cannot grow or develop except under the banner of a culture of conscious community coexistence.

The process of societal coexistence usually begins from a person’s view of himself, and from his success in establishing a state of inner coexistence with himself.

Coexistence begins with the self, and from the person’s courage and strength of his decision to coexist with the other. He acquires the ability to influence others and the environment around him. Peaceful coexistence within any society cannot be achieved without establishing awareness, promoting culture and education for members of society in the field of coexistence, especially young people and those of school age through preparing educational and cultural programs that aim to impart a culture of community coexistence. That is why this culture requires all peoples of the world to the efforts of governments and civil society institutions, such as the family, the media, places of worship and others, to clarify and spare individuals everything that might weaken this principle or affect its application, with how to avoid the obstacles that may limit its application in the reality of individuals, to end the negative factors affecting the culture of societal coexistence, as this culture has become today more than ever before a strategic goal for many peoples of the world to obtain a safe life. In Yemen, We desperately need for that, where working on the principle of peaceful coexistence, it will make society more interconnected. The principle of peace will not prevail without coexistence among people despite their political, social and ideological differences. With true societal coexistence, the conflict ends with all its kinds and negatives. With the conscious culture of peaceful coexistence, the abhorrent prejudices between individuals and different groups will cease, and the circle of hatred, malice and selfishness will diminish, sectarianism and racism tendencies among the members of society disappear. With the principle of community coexistence, the elements of the comprehensive development of the country are realized, and the wheel of life moves forward with ease and competence.

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