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Yemen Information Center (YIC) Organizes a Workshop on the Impact of Urban Expansion on Agricultural Development

Sawt Al-Amal (Voice of Hope) - Sana’a 


On Monday, June 28th 2021, the Yemen Information Center for Research, Developmental Studies and Media Production (YIC) organized a workshop on “The Impact of Urban Expansion on Agricultural Development - Ibb Governorate”, in cooperation with Future University in the capital Sana'a.


The workshop, which was attended by the former governor of Ibb Governorate, member of the Shura Council Judge Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hajri, the members of the Shura Council, Dr. Yahya Jahaf, Muhammad Ayed Al-Nusairi and head of the Yemeni Remote Sensing Center (YRSC) Dr. Khaled Khanbari, as well as head of  Agricultural Research and Extension Authority, Dr. Abdullah Al-Olafi, and the President of the Future University, Dr. Muhammad Al-Nuwaihi, presented a working paper from the Executive Director of the Partners- Yemen Organization, Abdulhakim Al-Afiri entitled “Approaching the Yemeni urban phenomenon from an economic point of view” in which he reviewed the transformation of some rural areas into urban cities at the expense of agricultural lands.


Dr. Thekra Al-Sharafi also reviewed the most important challenges facing the agricultural development process in Yemen (the causes and factors of urban sprawl on the agricultural lands), and the research results related to “the Impact of Urban Expansion on Agricultural Development in Ibb Governorate - a model” from the magazine “Tanmia Wa E’emar” (Development and Reconstruction) – Issue 2, affiliated with the Centre.


The First Deputy in the Yemen Information Center (YIC), Eng. Abd Al-Wahab Al-Aqel, gave a speech in which he pointed out the importance of this workshop, which sheds light on the impact of the growing urban expansion problem on the area of ​​agricultural land in the various Yemeni governorates, within the framework of the center's interest in raising the most important societal and developmental issues that Yemen is suffering from during the current stage; indicating that the center is keen to provide treatments and solutions to all issues of concern to Yemeni society through the implementation of many research, scientific studies and media materials through the use of the opinions of experts, doctors and researchers.


On the other hand, Dr. Abdulhadi Al-Hamdani, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Future University, praised the great role played by the Yemen Information Center (YIC) in shedding light on societal and developmental issues and reconstruction to bring social peace, and to enhance cooperation and partnership in building the nation, dedicating all the appreciation and greetings to the head of the center. Mr. Abdulwahab Al-Hajjri for his efforts in offering scientific treatments from the concerned and competent authorities to all issues of interest to society through holding events, research, studies and media files,  stressing on the importance of strengthening joint cooperation between the university and the center during the coming period for the service of society.


The Executive Director of the Yemen Information Center (YIC), Nashwan Al-Mujahid also gave an introductory presentation of the center's objectives, stages of establishment, vision, scientific and media mission, and all the center's publications represented in information and media services (visual, audio and print), which contribute to achieving peace values ​​and principles, social cohesion, justice and equality, reconstruction and development, indicating that the center is managed and supervised by a group of consultants, specialists, experts and media professionals from various Yemeni fields and governorates.


The workshop was attended by a number of experts, specialists and academics, representatives of the Ministry of Water and Environment, Planning, Agriculture and Irrigation, Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Board, General Authority for Lands, Survey and Urban Planning (GALSUP) in Yemen.

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