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 A special meeting was held today, June 27, 2021, between Yemen Information Center for Research and Media in Sana'a, and Gender-Development Research and Study Center in Sana'a to reflect on business contributions points.

 The meeting, which was attended by Deputy Head of Yemen Information Center for Research and Media in Sana’a, Eng. Abdul Wahab Al-Aqel, the Deputy for Studies and Programs Affairs Dr. Ahlam Al-Qubati, Director of Public Relations and Visual Production, Ms. Nada Al-Bakari, and Director of Programs at the Center for Gender and Development Dr. Elham Al-Rida, and Director of the Programs Department at Gender-Development Research and Study Center Dr. Elham Al-Rida, and Director of Consulting and training Dr. Abdel Wahab Abdel Qader discussed the most important plans, programs, and details to promote joint action in the research, social, humanitarian and development aspects.

In the meeting, Engineer Abdul-Wahhab Al-Aqel explained that the cooperation agreement which will be signed in next few coming days will contribute to serving scientific research, implementing of training programs and activities in various disciplines and fields, joint coordination by holding scientific conferences and symposiums., and meeting joint scientific and research productions that support research work.

 For his part, Dr. Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Qader stressed the importance of supporting research related to the social, humanitarian and developmental aspect in In various community issues and areas, and supporting all joint scientific and specialized research efforts, adopting the most important of these research studies and publishing them in media, which contributes to developing the country in various economic, developmental and social fields. And enhancing peacemaking and promoting the principles of tolerance, coexistence in the various Yemeni governorates.

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