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YIC Guiding Principles


YIC is an independent privately-owned media and research initiative that inspires people to rethink Yemen's solutions through reporting, commentary, and reader engagement. Away from adversarial narratives, we focus on analysis that addresses the deeply rooted systemic problems while exploring opportunities for conflict transformation.


As a non-partisan company, we work to advance our mission to benefit all Yemenis, which ultimately seeks to improve on positive notions of hope, tolerance, social cohesion, reconciliation, and peace in Yemen. Our focus on positivity and fruitful outcomes incline us to focus on all areas where YIC becomes a one-stop hub for information on Yemen that need solutions, primarily targeting all the Yemeni society and the general public, regardless of their backgrounds or political beliefs.


YIC believes that Yemen can only achieve sustainable peace after addressing the root causes of conflicts. By focusing on the systemic issues, YIC does not participate in any inflammatory discourse that focuses on highlighting the faultiness of adversaries. Therefore, YIC does not report on human or political agency and refrains from using any accusatory rhetoric such as dehumanizing-, criminalizing-, or labeling- persons, groups, communities, or nations in an aggravating manner.


YIC subscribes to the highest Yemeni ethical standards, as well as global media and research for peace best practices. In doing so, we refuse to utilize any form of defamatory language in our work. As an independent media and research company focusing on very complex issues, we carry a significant responsibility to produce balanced and harmless work. This means we do not repeat, repost, or reprint false information echoed on other platforms. We "do no harm" in our practices and do not engage in any work that would put people in danger or contribute any sort of violence.


YIC focuses on solutions-oriented information, highlighting the ideas and initiatives of all stakeholders who are working on improved outcomes. It examines cultural, economic, and societal structures in a way that offers alternative paths that can lead to improved scenarios that address the root causes of conflict. YIC employs a pragmatic approach for much-needed work towards peace and a better future for all Yemenis.

Analysis That Matters.

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