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Aden tanks ( Al-Tawila tanks)  in Kreite

Solutions Oriented

YIC pays attention to Yemeni perceptions and their outlook for future peace. The intractable conflict in Yemen produces a growing number of unoptimistic and adversarial rhetoric. Narratives presented by a majority of media groups covering the conflict in Yemen participate in an inflammatory discourse that needs to be diffused. Distorted media not only negatively impacts Yemeni perceptions and need for peace, but also the understanding of all who care about conflict resolution in Yemen.

We believe in providing alternative media that speaks to the needs of Yemen. Yemenis need hope to realize that peace is possible. They also need an outlet that demonstrates new commitments and genuine efforts that promise positive change. Similarly, those working on bringing new opportunities need a source of reliable information on the conflict. 

YIC challenges Yemen’s hurting stalemate by facilitating and producing non-inflammatory correspondence, bringing Yemenis and the international community closer to an improved understanding. We clarify the distortions to our followers, highlight key efforts of local and global stakeholders, enlighten decision makers for better outcomes, and convene all thoughts to solidify new and improved approaches.

A night shot for the historic castle  "S

Analysis That Matters.

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