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Founder's Note

Analyzing Yemen's conflict with its challenges is a daunting task for any writer, regardless of the abundance of anecdotal or adversarial information available due to the ongoing violence. Finding new ways to discuss Yemen's core issues with an eye on hope or peace is even more difficult due to the absence of such peaceful notions from the Yemeni scene. At YIC, we choose the latter in our approach. It is not only for feeling the responsibility of presenting narratives of peace amid an inflammatory and violent discourse but also for the undeniable reality that Yemen needs a shift in tone that provides alternatives to the current insidious rhetoric, which influences the way people understand the conflict and shaping the opportunities ahead.


We're on a mission to support Yemeni and international communities in reviving hope, reimagining peace, and inspiring solution-oriented ideas into action. The combination of my diplomatic background and personal desire to seek common ground for all Yemenis across the spectrum is a primary source of inspiration behind the launching of our YIC initiative. My team and I envision YIC as a one-stop hub for information on Yemen and solutions, primarily targeting all the Yemeni society and the general public, regardless of their backgrounds or political beliefs. We focus on deeply rooted and structural issues often overlooked with attention given to immediate suffering and conflict trends. While paying attention to Yemen's urgent needs is of utmost importance, it is equally important to address all issues with solutions that address the conflict's roots. Influenced by examples from around the world and conflict resolution theories and practice, our conviction at YIC that without addressing the systemic and root causes of conflict, Yemen will always be vulnerable to many forms of humanitarian needs, violence, and instability.


YIC is launching an online and print newspaper Sawt Alamal (Voice of Hope) and a peer-reviewed scholarly magazine Tanmia Wa E'emar (Development and Reconstruction) as two of many other rigorous publications currently in the works. Our readers will find reliable information, locally and internationally sourced content in every output we create, research that intersects the Yemeni public perceptions with expert opinions, and analyses that generate actionable ideas for new and sustainable solutions. At YIC, we call it "analysis that matters."


We present thematic issues, examine them to their roots, and apply our analysis while showing our followers different ways to take action. We help our readers in Yemen, and the entire world not only imagines what peace in Yemen could look like but support them in shaping new ideas and making a difference, every step of the way.


Whether you are a person or an organization concerned about Yemen, a friend of Yemenis, or a Yemeni who wants to learn more about new opportunities ahead, you are in the right place. Our publications will include valuable content for an individual, organization, or an entire community working to address Yemen's needs. I invite you to visit our websites, follow our other media and publications, and get involved.

Abdulwahab Alhajjri

Yemen Information Center

Analysis That Matters.

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