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Reliable Analysis

Informed Decisions

Better Outcomes 


The core mission of YIC is to provide the international and Yemeni communities, officials, and stakeholders working on Yemen with reliable information, news, research updates and access to Yemeni resources worldwide. It emphasizes the urgency and need for hope, and the opportunity to engage in de-escalation, peacebuilding, and post-conflict planning while cultivating efforts towards coexistence, social cohesion, and tolerance in Yemen.

YIC is an independent and non-partisan center that seeks to advance knowledge on topics of sustainable peace and hope in Yemen, including rigorous information in the areas of coexistence and reconciliation for the people of Yemen and their communities abroad.


By helping Yemeni and International Stakeholders make improved changes to their understanding, interventions, and policies, YIC seeks to catalyze the sense of hope in Yemen while encouraging the entire population and international communities to embrace peace, tolerance, social cohesion, and reconciliation instead of violence.

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Analysis That Matters.

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