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Ancestral Civilization and the Shovels of Demolition

Dr. Medaa Abdullah Nasser

Many ancient civilizations succeeded in the Arab world in which the great researchers and philosophers sang and played the strings of their glories with the fingers of many writers: In the Levant, the Mesopotamian civilization; in Egypt the Pharaonic civilization; in Mesopotamia, the Babylonian civilization; and in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemeni civilizations Saba, Maeen, Qataban and Hadramout, which we are proud of in front of others. As in many Yemeni history books and Arab history books, History has immortalized it in terms of wisdom, sayings and relics that are still present on the ground like skyscrapers that ancient cities endowed with just as history immortalized their battles and victories through which they carved their eternal history.


The ancient Yemeni civilizations were neglected which led to the extinction of a large part of the civilization of our ancestors, whose names were carved into the eternal history record. Some of the distinguished ancient Yemeni customs, traditions and the Himyaritic language, which has become forgotten as a dead language, have disappeared except in a small area. The immortal effects of the Yemeni civilization throughout history, such as mosques, castles, dams, statues, inscriptions and manuscripts, have been neglected. Therefore, attention must be paid and these civilizations must be preserved from extinction through introducing and educating our generations about the great ancestral civilizations.

In the midst of discussing the grievances of ancient Yemeni civilizations and the neglect they are experiencing, important questions arise themselves here: Was this demolition deliberate or spontaneous?  Does this demolition have a role in the collapse of the human civilized societal structure?  The answers to these questions remain vague, so codified research must be done to study this topic, find out the causes, and present real treatments. The tangible thing is that there is a blurring of the identity of the Qahtani Yemeni, who built dams and valleys and built a civilization that was the address for wisdom.  Despite this dilemma, there are still patriots in the field who are working to protect the ancestral civilization that the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace,- recommended in his speech, which was entitled "... Belief is Yemenite and Wisdom is Yemenite".


In conclusion, we affirm the need to preserve this ancient civilization and not to prejudice it no matter what the cost is and to enact laws and legislations that ensure its protection, and to coordinate between the relevant ministries such as antiquities, culture and tourism to unify efforts that perpetuate its splendid glamour.  The Ministries of Education and Higher Education must also be obliged to incorporate the foundations and values ​​of ancient Yemeni civilizations into the teaching curricula and to encourage scientific research that deals with Yemeni civilizations and contributes to informing the people of the importance of the civilization, authenticity and heritage of their country and reinforces the spirit of belonging to the homeland and its rich heritage.

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