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Corona .. the Difficult Exam in Yemen

Dr. Jamila Yakob


       In light of the harsh conditions that Yemen is going through under the conflicts and the consequent exacerbation of various factors such as economic, health and social factors, and because the Corona virus has affected the Republic of Yemen like the rest of the world, and in light of the future expectations of the Corona pandemic, especially in the second wave, which is more severe deadlier than the previous wave of COVID-19, Yemen is now facing a new humanitarian crisis in addition to the conflict conditions.          


          The crisis of the Corona virus, which began to claim lives, swept Yemen, placing additional pressures on the health and economic systems, which were already ravaged by war. 


The health system in Yemen is already witnessing a lack of infrastructure and various medical and human resources, in addition to the continuous damage to the health system during long years of conflict, and it is not sufficiently equipped to care for Corona patients and contain the spread of the virus as we saw in the first wave, the situation has added  new health concerns in the hearts of many Yemenis. 


As a result of the environmental conditions in Yemeni society that have been further affected by the conflicts, Yemen is an ideal and refreshing environment for the outbreak of the Corona virus;  Yemen has all the factors that contribute to the rapid spread of the disease, including the population of nearly thirty million, the continuation of the conflict that has exhausted Yemeni society and put them in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, and the high rate of poverty and malnutrition diseases, all of which contribute to the increasing number of injuries.            


        Based on the periodic reports of the World Health Organization that confirm the spread of Corona disease in most governorates, the number of injuries and deaths continues to increase for many reasons, including: the absence of laboratory equipment, limited capabilities of medicines, medical supplies and health protection equipment, and hospital beds filled with cases of accidents and war wounded, among others diseases, the lack of isolation centers, the shortage of medical personnel in health institutions, as well as the collapse of the country's economy during the years of conflict.      


Despite the bad situation in Yemen, some parties are still reluctant to mention the exact number of injuries, which leads to the absence of actual health indicators for the number of injuries commensurate with the size of the problem and its continued aggravation, especially in the second wave, as is the case in other countries. 


In light of the worsening social and economic distress and fears of the collapse of health systems, the state and decision-makers should work to take urgent policy responses to mitigate the repercussions of the spread of the corona virus epidemic;  Yemen needs a unified financial strategic policy away from political conflict to support response efforts in all regions of the Republic of Yemen through courageous, conscious and transparent leaders who adopt this.                                                                                                               


           Trust in governments is a key factor in responding effectively against these crises in order to adopt a holistic approach to recovery better. There is no recovery without a vibrant civil society, free media and a contributing academic community;  Recovery and mitigation of damage require a transparent approach of partnership between the public and private sectors in order to reach the sustainable development that everyone desires.

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