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Communication in the Educational Environment

Dr. Fathiya Al-Hamdani

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      Communication has been a human and social characteristic since time immemorial. It is a means of expressing words, signs, or body language. Under this method, ideas, information, or concepts are transferred between two or more parties to facilitate the achievement of goals or to unify visions between them;  Therefore, the objectives of communication are multiple, and the skills necessary to activate the communication component in the specific environment are diverse.           

      The educational environment is one of the forms of regular socialization that takes place within a scientific framework with specific steps, and communication is the most important element of the educational environment. 


It is a process that aims to provide individuals and workers in the educational environment with a set of knowledge, experiences and trends that help them adapt to the surrounding environment. 

This is activated through multiple means of communication that supports administrative processes within the educational environment such as planning, organization, decision-making and problem solving to improve the education process , and means of communication to support the educational process using appropriate educational means and techniques.         


  There are many parties to contact within the educational process, there are teachers, administrative cards, students and parents.  Communication is carried out between all of these parties to achieve specific goals directed towards many administrative, educational, and social trends.


Purposeful communication seeks to provide students with new directions, modify previous trends, or enhance the knowledge aspect by transmitting new information and knowledge related to the educational environment. 


While the administrative objectives seek to improve the level of the educational process by clarifying the roles and steps for their implementation, it also aims to activate communication between the parties to the educational process (teacher and student) on the one hand and (teacher and parents) on the other hand, in order to strengthen the school’s connection with the family, including  contributes to the success of the educational process.                           

  In order to achieve a successful communication process, multiple skills must be available, including: monitor and  effective listening, clarity of the purpose of the communication process so that the goals are specific and clear to all, as well as defining the idea and executive procedures to achieve it, while working on the logical sequence of ideas during the communication process, and making sure that it is a language of  communication is clear and easy to suit the level of the other party, including tact and the ability to act in different situations, the ability to speak and possess the correct writing skill, and the use of appropriate means with the specific goal, and the language of body should be positive, which allows the other party the opportunity for effective interaction, and work on  encouraging mutual trust between the parties of communication.                        

        No matter how many communication skills in the educational environment or in other different environments, and the multiplicity of goals and topics, respect and appreciation of the other is the most important moral value that must prevail in the process of successful communication.

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