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Chronic Diseases and the National Economy

Dr.Jamila Yakob

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       Chronic diseases in Yemen represent a major challenge in today's world, and a great economic burden that is exacerbated by the increase in chronic non-communicable diseases that have become major public health problems, given the increasing number of chronic diseases among members of society and their classifications;  These include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancerous tumors, chronic respiratory diseases, mental and psychological diseases, genetic blood diseases, and others.  Statistics show a constant increase in it.              

        The biggest challenge that we are facing today is the lack of limited resources available that contribute to improving and securing appropriate health care for infected patients, combating and treating chronic non-communicable diseases through the expansion of health services, providing health institutions with qualified medical cadres and medical devices, and improving access to medical care for all segments of society, the application of the health insurance system, and raising the level of awareness among members of society of the importance of adopting more healthy and simple lifestyles;  To achieve this goal, those concerned must make more national efforts that work to implement integrated policies through multiple sectors that work to limit the exacerbating spread of those diseases whose high rate contributes to the decline in the size of the national   economy .                           

       Chronic non-communicable diseases pose a growing threat to our weak national economy, which is in dire need of taking decisive measures to alleviate the increasing burden of disease and protect the future sustainable development of Yemen.  Primary prevention and health education constitute the best cost-effective, equitable and sustainable strategies for combating non-communicable diseases.



Therefore, everyone must work to change the course in light of the challenges posed by these health problems on human and social development, economic development and family income, In addition to its negative effects on achieving sustainable development goals, community health is one of the pillars of personal well-being, national development, peace and stability for the individual, society and country.

  Chronic diseases today are the most common reason for the continued stay of patients in hospitals and medical centers with their various specialties, and they impose heavy costs on health systems, patients and their families.  All of this requires multi-sectoral reforms and an increase in the budget to build a successful, modern and efficient health care system that contributes to alleviating the burden of disease;  The need to mobilize energies, resources and opportunities has become necessary to reverse the current trajectories of chronic diseases that are no less destructive to society than other infectious diseases such as the Corona virus, human immunodeficiency virus (AIDS), malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis and other diseases. 

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