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Critical Thinking...
Culture and Ambition

Dr. Taha Farie Ghaleb


Thinking occupies a wide area in the field of modern scientific studies, as it is one of the mental capacities necessary in human life and in the cognitive life of people. Thinking can be defined as an extended series of mental activities that the brain translates upon exposure to an external stimulus through the five senses. It can also be said that the thinking process is a mental activity resulting from the brain that responds to millions of visible and invisible stimuli. Thinking is a human behavior in the form of a mental process, and when we define the type of thinking by saying: Critical thinking, in this case we are referring to one of the modes of thinking that a person uses in his ordinary life matters, and some scholars define it as a complex thinking related to an unlimited number of behaviors that are applied in an unlimited number of situations or topics, which is a thinking related to logic and learning, problem solving, and knowledge.

We can also call reflective thinking governed by the rules of logic and analysis the name of critical thinking, and a person who has the ability to think critically is characterized as a person who is able to make a judgment about the validity of results based on the information available to him, and he moves away from generalizations in judgments or acknowledgment of information without verification of the truthfulness of this information.

Critical thinking is a special way of thinking that attracts the attention of researchers and scholars to it, given its importance to the individual and society alike, as it contributes to the formation of people who are more open to new ideas and adapting to them. Here, it is possible to briefly touch upon some aspects of the importance of critical thinking, as critical thinking gives the individual wisdom to choose opinions and ideas that suit him, so that he is not affected by all the ideas and opinions presented to him. In addition, critical thinking gives the individual the ability to logically analyze issues and problems that an individual or other members of society may encounter, this enhances their abilities to make sound decisions in different life situations.

It can be pointed out here that critical thinking comes at the top of the Bloom pyramid, which is the most sophisticated type of thinking, so that some call it creative thinking because of its distinction and dependence on the scientific aspects, With the logic of its standards, and the objectivity of its view and judgments for the various issues and problems in the reality of individuals and societies' lives. Critical thinking is a distinct scientific thinking that requires the acquisition of special skills that must be applied and practiced by individuals who seek to apply its approach. Among the most prominent of these skills comes the collection of a series of studies, research, information and attitudes related to the topic, discussing these opinions to determine the correct and incorrect ones, and working on identifying and distinguishing the strengths and weaknesses of the Conflicting opinions, as well as evaluating opinions in an objective manner, free from bias and subjectivity, and providing proofs and evidence for the validity of the opinion that is approved. This type of thinking also requires accuracy in observing facts and events, with sufficient space for objectivity in the individual, meaning more clearly following the principle of credibility devoid of emotions in dealing with oneself and with others, and adopting sound scientific rules that respect reason and logic in making all life decisions which are related to an individual's life.

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