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The concept of the Strategic Studies

Dr. Taha Farie Ghaleb

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The strategic studies are an interdisciplinary academic field. It is in the focus of many sciences such as political science, economics, sociology, management science and others, due to the important role of strategic studies in various political, economic and social activities.


With the development of the modern society, the issue of building a strategy has become one of the most important issues facing any society and country. With the development of modern society, the issue of building a strategy has become one of the most important issues facing any society and country, and this is what distinguishes developed countries from developing countries.


Strategic planning and thinking, decision-making in accordance with scientific principles, and the crystallization of national security concepts have all become issues of concern and interest, as well as issues of the human rights and the transition to the democracy and pluralism.


The strategic studies have become a specialty taught in many military and security universities and colleges, in various countries of the world, and there are many research centers of their own. It is concerned with issues related to the field of military and security studies and research, as well as the national, regional and international strategies.


The field of strategic studies focuses on the study of conflict and peace strategies, and pays special attention to the relationship among international politics, geographical strategy, international diplomacy and economics, and military power.


It also addresses important topics such as the roles of intelligence, diplomacy, and international cooperation for the security and defense.

The strategic studies are part of the field of international relations. It deals in particular with issues and cases related to the direct security threats, as each country resorts when it finds itself unable to achieve its political goal with the means it possesses to alternative means by adopting a strategy with a specific goal, so the strategy emerges as a part of the utmost importance that must be achieved.


The strategy is defined in the joint publications of the US Armed Forces as an idea or group of wise ideas in order to employ the tools of national power in an organized and integrated manner, to achieve certain goals in the platform of operations and national or multinational goals.

It can be said that strategy is the art and science of developing and using political, economic, social, psychological and military power in the concerned country in a manner consistent with the adopted policy directions to create effects or a set of circumstances that protect and enhance national interests against other countries, other actors, or conditions and developments.


The strategy seeks to create a kind of synergy, consistency and complementarity among objectives, methods and resources to increase the likelihood of policy success, and the positive results that result from that.

It is a process that seeks to apply a high degree of rationality and humanity to face the circumstances that may occur or not. Today's strategic studies include all aspects of life, and are the path leading to the comprehensive development.

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