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Women and Coexistence in Societies

Dr.  Fathia Al-hamadani

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Women are half of society; and they take upon themselves to participate in building societies, as they are the main element in the process of socialization, starting with building a family and ending with exercising their role in various aspects of social and economic life.  As per the multiplicity of opportunities, women have a role in the process of building many values ​​and concepts that support building and refining peace within societies.

Coexistence in its general sense is a peaceful fusion and merger between a bunch of people in a particular place regardless of their religion, so that respect prevails between all parties.  Coexistence is a global phenomenon that exists in any society, as we find a diversity of different races, religions, sects, and parties, which requires an orientation that seeks to live in peace and security, and in an atmosphere of tolerance, cooperation and respect for opinions as distinguishing features of those societies.

Coexistence in the twenty-first century is a challenge and a requirement at the same time. The multiplicity of sects and intellectual, political and economic trends that plague all areas of life in all countries of the world have created a kind of confrontation that may lead to difference. Coexistence as a requirement has become an urgent necessity in light of the multiplicity of ideas and trends.  Therefore, there must be an umbrella that covers everyone with safety, and seeks to spread the values ​​of coexistence, such as acceptance, respect, and appreciation of the other.

The most common belief is that women are the most effective component in developing such moral values in various societies, and it is a valid belief; as women, by their human nature, tend to live in peace and live quietly and these values are reflected in their various roles, as they are the mother, the educator, and the good role model for their children inside houses.


The woman instills through her behavior many positive values that support coexistence, and her role expands on the level of practicing her practical tasks in various fields.


The woman could be the nurse who plays her role with great humanity, regardless of the different cultures or affiliations of the patients, the teacher in the school that develops coexistence among students of different nationalities and religious sects, and could be working in various economic fields, reflecting images of coexistence in a sophisticated and advanced manner, through respecting and appreciating others and accepting their opinions, working to provide assistance in times of need, and dealing with good manners which in turn will lead to building societies based on coexistence with the other in peace.


  Women remain the most influential element in the lives of societies, so care must be taken to raise and bring up women well from their early childhood, and to ensure that they are granted their human rights in a way that will be reflected on their personality in the future.

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