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Is Peace a Luxury or a Necessity?

Dr. Taha Farie Ghaleb


Peace is one of the greatest human principles that societies seek to achieve in the reality of their lives, and to implement in order to reach the ladder of development and growth among its members.


In its concept, it does not mean the end of conflict, enmity or violence only, but rather represents a harmonious and compatible set of values ​​and behaviors, and rights based on full respect for important principles in our life, which are difficult to transcend or dispense with in real life.


The principle of peace is one of the general principles upon which human life is based, and one of the basic pillars for building any civilization, and the normal life of peoples cannot be established or stabilized without it. All religions, especially Islam, have called for love, compassion, brotherhood, solidarity, and building a common future among all peoples, races and genders.    

Peace has great importance in the lives of individuals, as it gives them the ability to produce and give in all aspects of life, as it can transform ugly to beautiful, and bad to good.


In fact, it is a special characteristic of a person when he is characterized by psychological stability in his life, which cannot be achieve unless the peace principle exists in the reality of his society and his environment, and based on that, we can say that the achievement of comprehensive development in the reality of peoples is closely linked to the achievement of the peace process, as the essence and basis of comprehensive development is the human being, and it is on his shoulders that this desired development is achieved in all aspects of life or not. Indeed, the productivity and the development of the human depend on the extent of his psychological and mental stability and ease, and without that, the matter becomes complicated and difficult, and life remains stagnant and undeveloped.


 The world cannot forget the major catastrophe that occurred as a result of the outbreak of the First and Second World War, which left millions of victims, not to mention the mental and physical illnesses they left behind and the dangerous consequences that lasted for decades.

Consequently, no development or growth can take place in any society without preserving the human being and ensuring the safety of his life. And accordingly the comprehensive development process remains associated with the existence of the peace process and its availability among the circles of societies, so there is no development without peace and no peace that promotes its survival in the lives of nations without development.

But the matter may differ for many of those who imagine that peace, with its important meanings and values may be considered a luxury subject more than basic and necessary issues in life. Here, the desired interest in the field of peace is weakened or absent by many members of societies, and this is a major dilemma, but a great calamity in thinking and understanding that must be alerted and addressed in the minds of these people, because of the many problems and obstacles that this misconception of peace may cause in the reality of contemporary life.


They may pay a heavy price in all affairs of their lives. Peace means life in all its meanings and spheres, and without it, there is neither life nor stability, nor building, nor development.


Many experts in the field of peace and psychology point out that the human mind is a treasure of infinite power, so if he loses self-confidence in times of crises and wars, he will not benefit from his mental capacity in a meaningful way, as wars and conflict are a strong obstacle to human development because it stops the factors of peace and tranquility in the lives of individuals. In fact, peace is an important principle for all creatures on the earth, as its effect is not limited to man alone.


This is because the lack of peace and security, and the spread of wars exceed their impact and gravity to a greater extent than anyone can imagine. It affects the marine world, which carries in its guts a variety of creatures, plants and trees with its many types and benefits, and animals of various kinds and shapes, and affects the ecological and geographical diversity of the earth with its characteristics and advantages that serve men. This is the principle of peace in life, and that is its value and importance for all human beings of all sects and races. So, is it a luxury or a necessity? Certainly a necessity for human life and other beings.

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