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“Economic Empowerment of Women in Ibb”

The Yemen Information Center for Research, Developmental Studies and Media Production held in Ibb on Sunday at Tamdeen Center for Sustainable Training and Rehabilitation, a seminar entitled “Economic Empowerment of Women in Ibb:  Obstacles, Opportunities and Successes”.


The seminar was presented and moderated by the media coordinator of the Yemen Information Center (Ibb), Ms. Samah Emlaak and then the Director of the Center Dr. Abdul Qawi Al-Shamiri welcomed the attendees, and reviewed the Yemen Information Center’s tasks and interests, while Dr. Shura Al-Baadani, Director of Women’s Department at the Youth and Sports Office, presented the seminar papers and reviewed examples of women who overcame the crisis with their own efforts and supporters. Dr. Jalal Al-Madhaji, head of the sociology department at Ibb University, spoke about the barriers to empowerment and the difficulties of advancement for women in Ibb.


As for Dr. Abdul Rahman Muhammad Bishr, Professor of Economics at Ibb University, presented a working paper that includes solutions, methods and treatments to empower women economically, and Ms. Khawla Al-Sharafi, chairperson of the Women National Committee in the governorate, presented her paper which states the role of civil society organizations in empowering women in Ibb, and Ms. Iman Al-Shuja’, a member of the Yemen Women’s Union spoke about the importance of women's economic empowerment, reasons, suggestions, and efforts presented.


The seminar was attended by the President of the Board of Trustees of the International Malaysian University in Ibb, Dr. Qahira Al- Hilali, and director of the media department in the governorate Mr.  Abdul Baset Al-Noua’a, and Deputy Director General of the Youth and Sports Office, Mr. Abdul Rahim Al-Khashaei, as well as the chairperson of the Enjaz initiative Ms. Jamila Dahami, editor-in-chief of the IBB7press platform, Mr. Taher Al-Zuhairi, envoys from INTERSOS, and director of Ibb Radio, Mr. Abdel-Fattah Al-Muntasir.


During the seminar, inspiring success stories were presented to the attendees, as well as Professor Fayza Al-Baadani spoke about the difficulties that accompanied her struggle journey, and the successes that have followed, as she held several positions as a member of the local council, director of the Al-Saeed Educational Complex, and general director of the National Center for Human Rights in the governorate.

In addition, the tailor, Amal Al-Hubaishi, also spoke about her experience with handicrafts and her success in making accessories after a journey of suffering that started from her husband's illness to displacement, and deprivation due to the current conditions that the country is going through.


This event is among the activities of the YIC in Ibb, and it came out with several recommendations, most notably focusing on empowering women in Ibb in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as in the field of agriculture, livestock and cheese production, and that economic empowerment should be accompanied by social and political empowerment as it is an integrated system, in addition to  supporting several projects from some of the attendees who are donors or linked to them, while a female entrepreneur promised to support a project for one of the attendees during the seminar.

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