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Displacement and Yemeni Women.. The Hidden Face of the Conflict

Dr.  Fathiya  Al-Hamdani

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Displacement represents one of the humanitarian challenges imposed by conflicts, and displacement for Yemeni women was nothing but a dark path that she was forced to choose in light of the continuation of the conflict. The extent of the human suffering of Yemeni women is great and deep during displacement, and the effects are multiple with multiple psychological, health, and economic aspects.                       

        None of the displaced women in Yemen today thought that the day would come when they would find themselves in open areas to live with their families. However, the reality of the ongoing conflict in Yemen for six years has forced many Yemeni families to leave, and the percentage of displaced women (60  %) of the displaced.                                  

     Displacement is defined as moving out of areas of permanent housing - which have become unsafe areas - to random areas and unsuitable for living and housing, where the percentage of basic services for a safe life is weak if not non-existent;  Buildings and tents are nothing more than structures unsuitable for living. The displaced may not find roofs, walls, or floors that protect them from rainwater and torrential rain, and this is accompanied by a lack of healthy water, as well as no opportunities for education, with poor health and a lack of job opportunities.                             

        The displacement of Yemeni women represents a hidden picture, clear features that affect her future, as she faces many dangers and difficulties that will affect her life in a present and future way.  This is the fear of the future and the lack of security, as the displaced lose many opportunities for securing the future, such as education or getting a job.  Psychological trauma resulting from aerial bombardment, fear of losing children or family, seeing dead bodies, or exposing them to immoral acts, all of these psychological pressures increase the suffering of displaced Yemeni women, and raise the chances of her suffering from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, insecurity and lack of confidence.  self, which negatively affects the course of her future life;  The psychological effects represent the worst picture of conflicts.

          In addition to the above, the health status of the displaced women reflects a new picture of suffering, as the health situation in conflict areas worsens and worsens, and women are more vulnerable to disease due to malnutrition, and the suffering rate increases for pregnant women who do not find health care that suits their situation;  Many health centers - whether in camps or in areas of displacement - suffer from poor services and poor medical equipment, and this bad situation is accompanied by the spread of many epidemics, including dengue fever, cholera, malaria, diphtheria and others.  The suffering increases with the loss of a family member as a result of diseases and low health awareness, which makes the displaced woman face a new psychological confrontation with death and loss.

      In addition, the displaced woman faces many difficulties due to the loss of the head of the family, which forces her to go out to work, and this means that she will assume the role of the father to provide for the needs of daily life.  If there are no job opportunities, this poses a new threat to her life, and forces her to mix with many men, which makes her vulnerable to assault.  Despite the efforts made by the displaced woman, the financial return that she will receive will not meet the needs of her family, and this will also increase her suffering. 

       There are many images of the suffering of displaced women in Yemen, including psychological, economic, health, and other images that show that stopping the conflict is the best solution for the current stage, in order to alleviate the suffering. What the conflicts left behind is not being addressed at the present time, but rather needs a period of time…   

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