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Yemen Information Center (Ibb Office) Signed an Agreement of Cooperation and Institutional Partnership with Al-Jazeera University

On Thursday, September 2, 2021, YIC for Research, Development Studies and Media Production (Ibb Office) signed an agreement of cooperation and institutional partnership with Al-Jazeera University, Ibb.

In the agreement, YIC was represented by Dr. Abdul-Kawi Al-Shamiri, Vice President of the Center for Strategic Affairs and Ibb Office Director, as the second party, while Al-Jazeera University was represented by Prof. Ahmed Ghaleb Al-Haboob, President of the University, as the first party.

The two parties expressed their hope to hold events, seminars, workshops and training courses that serve the general aims of the two institutions and the specific aims of the YIC that seek to advance knowledge on topics of sustainable peace in Yemen, coexistence and the role of media in uniting Yemenis towards social cohesion, and tolerance.

Both Dr. Al-Haboob and Dr. Al-Shamiri expressed their pleasure in signing this agreement as both institutions in question support activities that serve development,  consolidate peace and social harmony and serve the community at large.  

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