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The Yemen Information Center for Research, Development Studies and Media Production (YIC) organized today, Thursday, at Sana'a University, a workshop on the role of local media in promoting peace and the Corona pandemic, with the participation of a group of media professionals and journalists.


The workshop included two main axes: the first one is about the social responsibility of the media in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, presented by Dr. Saleh Hamid, Associate Professor of Mass Communication at the Faculty of Media at Sana'a University, while the second axis is about the role of local media in promoting social peace building, presented by Abdul-Aziz Oudah, Head of Press and Publishing Department at the Yemen Information Center, in which a research prepared by Dr. Taha Farie was discussed.


At the opening of the workshop, the Center Vice President, Eng. Abd al-Wahab al-Aqel, indicated that the aim of holding the workshop is to enrich the topics discussed with the ideas and observations of media professionals and specialists and to come up with recommendations that serve humanitarian work, whether in the field of combating the Corona pandemic and raising awareness about it, or in the field of contributing to the promotion of social peace building via local media.


Al-Aqel added that this workshop comes within the framework of achieving the goals of the Yemen Information Center (YIC), which is to spread the spirit of hope among individuals and society in Yemen, and to strengthen and support the efforts made by various local and international parties to achieve peace and national reconciliation, and work to raise human suffering by addressing the effects of conflict and finding appropriate solutions.


On his part, the Executive Director of Yemen Information Center Nashwan Al-Mujahid explained that the center is based on building an information base that supports the rebuilding of the country, bypassing the effects of the conflict on the humanitarian and economic levels, and contributing to providing solutions to all the challenges that the country is going through , indicating that the center carries out various activities within the framework of its work which includes research, surveys, media, and the building of information assets covering all Yemeni governorates.


During the workshop, an extensive discussion was held by the participants about working papers, and recommendations were made to support the role of local media in combating Corona, as well as promoting social peace building. At the end of the workshop, certificates of appreciation were distributed to the participants.

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