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“Women in Development and Peace” newsletter


Within the framework of its humanitarian and scientific interests and on the basis of its duties, responsibilities, and orientations towards serving women's issues and comprehensive development areas, Yemen Information Centre (YIC) will- soon- publish a monthly specialized newsletter in the field of women and humanitarian issues titled, "Women in Development and Peace."


Its zero issue will be published on Jun 1st, 2022 in Arabic, and the upcoming issues will be published in Arabic, English and French.

This newsletter seeks to offer a comprehensive positive vision in supporting and strengthening the role of Yemeni women in the fields of development and peace.


In its upcoming issues, a number of informative and significant humanitarian issues and implications on the Yemeni and Arab arenas will be touched upon, and a group of influential women pioneers in contemporary Yemen will be cast light upon.

The newsletter also provides highly important information in the fields of development and economy, as well as in developing effective possible solutions to several negative practices against women and to phenomena that impede the development of society.

Analysis That Matters.

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