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Intellectual Development

Dr. Ahlam Abdelbaki Elqobati


The advancement and development of local communities and the improvement of the general level of society in particular and the state in general need to keep pace with global development according to the accelerating events and with the developmental advancement of the individual and society intellectually, socially, economically and politically, given that the rise of the local community first starts with the intellectual development of the individual, then the family and society by state institutions in accordance with the plans and strategies drawn by the state. Therefore, intellectual cultural, economic and social development has the greatest impact on the rise of society from closed outposts and its advancement and gradual rise from the local to the global ladder. However, intellectual development is not easy to achieve, as it needs several plans, means and programs that the state uses to achieve this development. No country can bring about societal advancement and international development except when there is intellectual human development through which the state can bring about economic development because it is not possible to develop the society economically before intellectual and human development. Indeed, development of economic resources is always dependent on the development of human resources.


It is worth emphasizing here that what the developed countries are witnessing in both the western and Arab countries was not an overnight outcome, but was rather the result of many years of plans and programs that each country followed in proportion to its economic and human wealth, and this is also due to the resolve that peoples enjoy in the events of this paradigm step, and one of the most important reasons for this development and advancement to happen is the intellectual development and the extent to which people understand it.

In conclusion, we can only say that the intellectual development is an urgent necessity for any individual or family, society and state, and our local community is in dire need of such intellectual development and keeping pace with technological development. The intellectual development helps in the development of the individual and the society and leads to the development and advancement of societies, states and nations, because it is fundamentally linked to peoples’ evolution and rise, and the unveiling of ignorance and unjust reactionary from societies.

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