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Yemen Information Center signed a partnership and cooperation agreement with Ibb University on Tuesday, December 7th, 2021, which requires exchange of experiences and research, promotion of cooperation between the two sides and an effective partnership to achieve the goals of both sides in publishing scientific research in various media.

Yemen Information Center was represented by the center's Vice President of Strategic Affairs, director of Ibb office, Dr. Abdul Qawi Al-Shamiri, whereas University of Ibb was represented by the university president Dr. Tariq Al-Mansoub.


Dr. Al-Shamiri praised the contributions made by Ibb University in studies and research, and its support for researchers, centers, local and external institutions working in scientific research.


Dr. Al-Mansoub also expressed his great pride at such a good bilateral relationship, hopping to achieve a high level of cooperation for cooperation between Ibb University and Yemen Information Center for Studies, Development Research and Media Production.


The agreement requires that the two sides organize events and joint research programs that serve research and development, and participate in organizing and holding joint conferences, symposiums and workshops that serve scientific research.


It is worth mentioning that this agreement was preceded by signing of an agreement for the center’s branch in Ibb with Aljazeera University during October 2021.

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