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Hanan Husein Murshed

Journalist and Editorial Secretary in Sawt AlAmal Newspaper - Sana'a Office

She graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication and worked as a program author and broadcaster in many Yemeni and foreign media outlets, including Yemen American Radio, Al-Saleh and Iram FM.


She is interested in heritage and culture, community issues and peace building. She has a set of experiences in voice-over in a number of documentaries and awareness and advertising flashes. Hanan seeks to add her own imprint

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Dr. Abdeljabbar Mussed Al-TAM

Reearcher & French Language Translator – Sana'a Office

He holds a PhD in Arts (French language) from Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco, 2013. He is a member of the teaching staff in the French Language Department, Faculty of Arts, Thamar University.


He taught many French linguistic courses, such as linguistic, grammar and research methods. He also worked in many administrative jobs in the French Language Department, Faculty of Arts, Thamar University. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of Al-Isbah Journal for Humanities, Thought, Politics and Society in France.


He worked as a researcher and translator at Al-Isbah Center for Civilization, Political and Strategic Studies in Yemen, Bordeaux – France. He is a former representative of Al-Isbah Center for Civilization, Political and Strategic Studies in Yemen, located in Bordeaux - France.


He participated in the preparation and description of the academic program of the French Language Department - Faculty of Arts - Thamar University. He published scientific papers and participated in several workshops and conferences in Yemen and abroad. He is interested in linguistic studies, sociolinguistic studies, and the Yemeni oral linguistic heritage.

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Afrah Ahmed Mohammed Borji

Journalist and Editorial Secretary in WDP Newspaper - Al-Hodeidah Office

Afrah graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication in journalism in 2020. She worked as a teacher for one year.


She created the Peace Initiative, which participated in the "Peace Builders" competition in "My Platform 30" and won to become the platform for Yemeni peace journalists.


She worked as a writer of humanitarian reports and stories for several press websites. She had secretarial experience besides her journalistic work.

Yomna Ahmed Al-Zubiry

Head of Information and opinion poll unit - Sana's Office

She holds a bachelor's degree in French language, Sana'a University. She participated in many courses in different fields, such as e-marketing, graphic design and data analysis.


She is experienced in the fields of translation and public opinion survey, as well as many skills in graphic design, drawing, and writing. She is interested in everything related to social and humanitarian affairs in Yemen.

Yasmine Abdulhafeez Abdulaziz

Journalist - Hodeidah office

She started her media life as a trainee. She participated in the preparation of TV reports for local channels. She also wrote reports for some local newspapers such as Al-Wahdawi and Al-Ayyam. She worked at Hodeidah Radio.


In 2018, she wrote reports for media platforms and websites. She h has been trained in human rights training in gender-based violence and volunteer work management.


In 2020, she became specialized in humanitarian journalism, peace journalism, and women's journalism. She gained many professional skills after participating in several training courses and seminars supported by the French Media Development Agency (CFI), which qualified her for membership in the Humanitarian Journalism Network in Yemen.


She produced many stories and reports published on platforms supported by the French Agency, such as “Sawt Insan” and “Hodaj.”

Analysis That Matters.

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