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Training Course on Sensitive Journalism and Methods of Restoring National Unity

A group photo of YIC CEO Nashwan Al-Mujahid., Aden Branch Manager Eng. Ahmed Saeed Al-Wahsh, YIC Programs Manager Dr. Medaa Abdullah, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Noha Nasser, and Research Manager Taha Farea, Seminar Entitled "Building Knowledge Capacity to Achieve Community Peace, YIC Aden Governorate. (August, 2020).

Yemen Information Center for Research and Media in Aden held a staff seminar entitled "Building Knowledge Capacity to Achieve Community Peace" with the attendance of YIC CEO Lawyer / Nashwan Al-Mujahid.

The seminar aimed to build knowledge capacity at the administrative level and exchanging experience among staff. To contribute in improving the level of performance and enriching them with scientific knowledge that has a role in establishing and promoting community peace.

At the opening of the seminar the branch manager, Eng. Ahmed Saeed Al-Wahsh, expressed the importance of teamwork in terms of presenting various opinions and suggestions from all members, as well as working with one team spirit in order to implement the goals of the center.

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