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Women and Armed Conflict

Dr. Fathia Mohamed


Women suffer a lot during the continuation of the armed conflict, as there is no social and economic security in the life of women who find themselves in direct confrontation with many responsibilities and tasks in all fields. This, in turn, affects her life, which becomes like a grinding mill, working day and night in the face of fear of the unknown.

During the conflict, women face many difficulties and problems, and perhaps the most important of them is that they assume new economic and social roles, as women bear the burden of the family after losing the main breadwinner of the family and She is forced to go out to work, whether she is in the countryside or in the city, which means that she will endure arduous tasks. The high level of poverty, the collapse of the economic system and the weak purchasing power are offset by the high availability of job opportunities for women which is offset by lower wages, with the acceptance of any conditions imposed by the employer. This is in return for providing the minimum amount of food and drinking for her family, and this corresponds to the weakness of her ability to meet the needs of her family related to education and care. The exit of women to practice various work, especially in cities, may make them vulnerable to physical violence or sexual abuse. The extent of suffering increases when the conflict targets civilian homes, as women are forced to seek refuge in areas of the displaced and face a harsh life in which there are no foundations for a stable, healthy or safe life. This is accompanied by a lot of psychological suffering for the woman, where you see the bodies of the killed and dead people who may be one of her family members. The woman may suffer from a temporary or lifelong physical disability, all of these suffering and images affect the woman’s psyche as she becomes vulnerable to psychological disorders, constant fear and anxiety in a negative way affects her daily and future life.

Many phenomena also emerge, where the rate of widows and spinsterhood increases which threatens the social balance within society, as a result of the continuation of the conflict, and this increases the suffering of women in bearing responsibilities and fear of reality. Divorce cases also increase due to the deterioration of the conditions of daily life and the inability of the head of the family to provide the basic needs of life, and thus the woman’s life is affected as there is no social and family stability. Therefore, women remain in constant suffering with fear, anxiety and psychological instability. Women in conflict have no rights because the extent of suffering is very large.

We need real and realistic directions to stop the hurricane of armed conflict, in order to preserve human life and protect women's rights, In order to properly perform her role in building the family and society, as the needs of women are basically based on providing safety and stability.

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