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Modern Technologies and Reconstruction at Yemen Information Center Workshop

In cooperation with The Gender Development Research & Studies Center at Sana'a University, Yemen Information Center YIC held a workshop entitled (The impact of Modern Technologies on the Development and Reconstruction), which included a set of working papers on many aspects related to reconstruction.

In the opening of the workshop, Deputy Head of Yemen Information of Yemen Information Center, Engineer Abdul-Wahhab Al-Aqel, welcomed the Vice president of Sana'a University Dr. Zaid Al-Wareeth and all the participants in the work shop. Al-Aqel stressed the importance of the all effort to contribute to the Reconstruction and development of Yemen pointing out that the YIC has placed priority of the Reconstruction and development of Yemen, the studies and research being conducted by YIC.


Al-Aqel said that Yemen Information Center has given adequate attention to development and reconstruction through the programs, studies and research it offers, in addition to specialized media production.

Dr. Zaid Al-Wareeth, Vice Chancellor of Sana'a University, stressed that the workshop subject is very important, as it concerns a large number of people and covers different areas at all economic, social and developmental levels.

Stressing the important role played by research and studies centers in assessing damage and developing recommendations that contribute to providing a clear view of reconstruction phase.


Dr. Elham Muhammad Reda reviewed a working paper entitled Modern Technical Development and its Relationship to Economic Development in Yemen, in which she emphasized the reality of technology and modern technical development and its impact on economy. She also addressed the role of modern technical development in building a strong economy and its impact on sustainable development, and the relationship between modern technical development and Reconstruction in Yemen.

While the second working paper under the title (Using Remote Sensing Technology in Assessing War Damage and Reconstruction in Yemen) was reviewed by Dr. Khaled Khanbari, Head of the Remote Sensing Center, in which he addressed the importance of modern technologies and their uses in the development and reconstruction, along with the concept of Geographical information systems and the possibility of using it in assessing and documenting war damages and reconstruction.

For his part, Dr. Saleh Hamid reviewed his paper on (role of media in enhancing development concepts for decision makers), in which he addressed the social responsibility of media during crises, in addition to the importance of development media in the reconstruction process during the coming period.

The workshop produced important recommendations, including: -

  1. The need for coordination and complementarity between official authorities and civil society in doing damage control, identifying needs, and using modern technologies, most notably remote sensing.

  2. Building a unified spatial database.

  3. Unifying media message and working on training specialized media professionals and ensuring its sustainability.

It is worth noting that this workshop is the first of its kind that deals with a topic related to the reconstruction process in Yemen.

Analysis That Matters.

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